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G. Beerschot A. - FC Bruges

A group of about 100 Bruges hooligans came down to Beerschot. Already more then 1 hour before kick-off, the lads mobbed-up at a nearby parking. From there the group left, ready for action.

After some minutes of walking around, some 25 to 30 Beerschot hools were spotted at the other end of the street. While screaming "Bru-ges hoo-li-gans", the Bruges mob ran over some railwaytracks and charged towards their foes. Then a small contact between both side's hooligans errupted, but (mounted) police came in very quickly seperating the 2 groups.

After this, the Bruges group was escorted away by the local police. At certain moment, the home hools were spotted again, at the end of the street. A charge was tried but police were again just in time, this time even preventing every contact. The watercanon was pulled in to intimidate the lads, but wasn't used.

After a desolutioning game (with FC Bruges losing 5-3) the visiting group was again led away under police escort. Despite some provocations between the Bruges lads and local immigrant everything staid calm. Only at one time, things got a little bit hectic when some Bruges guys kicked in a door of a Turkish pub, but riot police steamed in (luckly for the muslim scum).

After a very long walk, the whole mob ended back at the parking, leaving a game in which not much really happened.