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FC København - IFK Göteborg

The SSU decided to go to this game allthough their team wasn't involved in this match-up. The Brøndby lads couldn't let this chance slip away, because they were now capable of taking on the Copenhagen Ultras (who teamed up with the Helsingborg Ultras from Sweden)and at the same time having a go at the Göteborg firm, which is called "The Wisemen".

The SSU attacked all 3 firm after the game, and serious riots broke out. The other firms were completely surprised, and although the SSU were outnumbered, they stood their ground. Something which couldn't be said about the Ultras from both Copenhagen and Helsingborg.

Before the SSU got involved, clashes errupted between the Göteborg and the FCK/HIF firms. The result at the end of the day: 2 Swedish stewards and 1 Danish policeman were injured, and 8 lads were arrested (none from SSU).