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Vejle B - Brøndby IF

Some 5 minutes after the tifo of torches by The Crazy Reds from Vejle, when the game was already kicked-off, the SSU created their own action including lots of torches, rockets, firecrackers and smokebombs. An action which was totally illegal since they only can be created within a special arrangement with the club and in advance. Then lots of torches where trown on the pitch including some missiles, interrupting the game for some 10 minutes and warning the away support that the game would immediately end with BIF losing the game 5-0.

Three minutes before the final whistle, the score was still 0-0 after a boring game. The SSU lads who where pretty wild, still had some fireworks left and decided to make one more tifo including torches and missiles. Again these were trown on the pitch, but strangely the game wasn't stopped and ended after the regular time was passed.

Some of the official supporters reacted in a furious way towards the ultras/hools and some of them even attacked one lad of the SSU. An action which wasn't tolerated by some other boys of the group, and the person who started this whole episode, now found himself taking punches. The situation suddently started escalating to a big fight between the SSU and the official Brøndby Support. At the same, clashes occured with the steamed in riot-police, whot tried to arrest the people who started the show of torches. The riots continued outside the stadium, resulting in 2 wounded policemen and 14 persons arrested.

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