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Vejle B - Brøndby IF

The reunion with the Vejle-stadium was a great thing for all of the SSU hooligans. Since the last game between both teams, the game had to be stopped because the Brøndby fans started trowing smokebombs and bengal torches on the pitch. Since that game, all kinds of fireworks have been totally illegal and if any were caught taking it into a stadium the persons would be arrested.

Police forces where afraid of episodes likes the ones that happened before, when players were caught in a rain of fireworks and where riots on the terraces escalated, resulting in two wounded policemen and 14  arrested SSU hooligans. This time the cops where prepared and were out in big numbers.

The game was played on a thursday evening, so it was difficult to gather a large firm. Only about 40 hooligans made the trip to Vejle, followed very close by the Copenhagen riot police.

Nothing seriously happened at the stadium, a few torches were lightened but nothing further happened...6 persons arrested!