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Brøndby IF - FC København

The derby vs the rivals from Copenhagen was scheduled two days after the "Sweden trip". Both sets of supporters had been provoking each other for weeks in advance, and so the police knew that a troubles were possible.

The home firm gathered with about 80 to 100 at their pub, a group which was split into two groups who began scouting their foes in the streets around the stadium. About an hour later the Copenhagen Ultras still hadn't arrived or shown up anywhere, and then they where suddently spotted at a gas station nearby.

The SSU quickly managed to regroup into one main mob and charged towards the C.U. with the police just in time preventing a big clash between the two groups. The number of C.U. boys present at the moment was about 50 to 60 boys together with some Swedish friends, Ultras Helsingborg.

After the game all remained calm, probably because the police where all over the place.

The day after, the SSU were accused for not trying to fight their C.U. opponants and not having the guts to travel to Copenhagen after the game.