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Viborg - Brøndby IF

After a couple of boring matches, the SSU went to Viborg with a firm counting about 50 of their hard core.
Brøndby IF had been playing like shit in their 3 latest games and no points were gained, so there was a crisis among players and fans.

Again Brøndby couldn't manage to win the game (2-0 defeat), and at the end of the game, the SSU started a minor pitch-invasion, where torches and bottles also were trown towards the cops, making it difficult for them to come between. 7 hools were arrested by this action.

After the match, the SSU boys were walking through the city, directly to the pub of the Viborg fans. Only some official supporters where found, so a clash wasn't interesting. Instead of playing up here, the whole mob went searching for the "Green Pride" which are the so-called hooligans of Viborg.

Only about 15 showed up screaming "Who do we hate? South Side Brigade!", a yell which is an old Copenhagen Ultras song which hasn't been sung for many years. The Viborg hools were charged but managed to get away...nothing further happened.