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Amica Wronki - Brøndby IF

Brøndby IF was only given about 400 tickets which were directly distibuted to the official fan club "Brøndby Support". The SSU were pretty mad about this, because a bus was already rented. Still the group decided to go to Poland, even though nobody of the firm had tickets. In Poland it was possible, for all of the hooligans, to buy cheap entrance tickets. So, off went a mob counting some 60 boys, which was a nice group for a european tie on a thursday.

Some members of the SSU had been in contact with Lech Poznan hooligans, and they told that the Wronki team had no hooligan element. But, because the city of Wronki isn't that far from Poznan the Brøndby lads where warned that the Lech hools might come down and play-up, even though their team had a game scheduled vs Göteborg that same day. No one of our mob took it serious...

Before the game there were some incidents with the police and some shops were attacked, but no one was arrested. After the the SSU where demanded to leave the area as soon as possible, as the police knew that the Lech Poznan hooligans where on their way to Wronki. The busses transporting the official part of the Danish support immediately left, but the hard core decided to stay for a while. Then the police first warned and then charged the SSU making it clear they had to leave immediately. Everything remained calm and the mob went towards Denmark.

The day after the Danish newspapers where again full with the actions of the hooligans, with titles like:

"Brøndby hooligans named South Side United are still progressing"

"The Danish hooligans acted very aggressive before and after their game in Wronki".