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AGF - Brøndby IF

Only 10 days after their previous meeting in Brøndby and the clash at the police headquarter, both teams were scheduled to meet again, this time in Aarhus.

The biggest police force ever in Denmark was called out to prevent clashes between both sets of supporters. It was expected that White Pride wanted revenge for the battle in Brøndby.

The game was played on a wednesday, so it was a little bit more difficult to gather an effective firm. But still the Brøndby lads managed to go down to Aarhus with a mob counting about 60 South Side United members. The White Pride hooligans were with some 80 of their boys, but the police were too much and were able to prevent any clash.

One minor fight, between some official AGF fans and the White Pride hooligans, went off inside the stadium, resulting in one injured AGF supporter and 7 W.P. hools arrested. Also 1 Brøndby supporter was arrested in the visitor section when he tried to beat some police officers with his flagstick.

All by all the game was extremely peaceful, but only because of the large police force. Without them there might have been some serious action.

Reaction of the Brøndby IF management:

In the past few days, with lots of media attention towards the SSU hooligans and Brøndby IF, the BIF management reacted. The club manager Per Bjæregaard, called in a meeting with all of the "unofficial supporters" (Brøndby Warriors, Fanaticos, The Hyenas, Yellow Dragons, The Poles and the rest of South Side United) together with some of the club's players and the rest of the management.

The meeting was well organised and it was not that kind of meeting where the "Big Boss" sat down on his chair while he deplored the actions made by the SSU. No, he had considered the situation from the hooligans' point of view, which is rather abnormal for a club president.

He suggested that everybody could make a new start and that this meeting would be "day zero". All of the banned hooligans where now allowed back in thestadium. Also the SSU were offered their own sections in the ground. Furthermore it's now legal to wear the t-shirts of SSU, Warriors, Yellow Dragons etc. inside of the stadium. T-shirts which had been illegal to wear for many years!

The Government stepped in:

The toleration among the politicians, towards the hooligan element, has been broken. They think it's way too expensive to call out a big police force every time there is a football match in Denmark.

They want to prevent hooliganism by using new laws (like they did in England many years ago) but so far these laws aren't allowed by the Danish constitution. In the near future it would be possible for the police making a register of Danish hooligans, something which is illegal for them at the moment.