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KRC Genk - FC Bruges

Like the season before, the B.C.F. gathered at a city nearby Genk counting a nice group (though not as big as the year before). Only about 25 had tickets and they were for stands with home-fans only, all the rest had come down without tickets. Tickets which were later bought at busses from the official part of the fans.

During the game, all remained calm untill FC Bruges came down 1-0 after 85 minutes. Then things got hectic in the visitors block. The home team's manager decided to send in a hired private security team, counting all immigrants (including members of the local hard core named Racing Ultras).
The B.C.F. immediately charged towards them and all hell broke out with the riot police no where to be seen. Despite the fact that they where heavily armed with bicycle chains and knuckle-dusters some of the "V.I.P. Security" crew were brutally attacked and had to leave the scene after some minutes. The area was now filled with riot-police who had to use teargas to restore order.

After a few minutes of "rest" and after the final whistle, the Bruges group steamed outside their block running towards segregation fences outside the stadium. The group managed to force a gate, entering an area filled with only scarfers of Genk. Mounted police came in very quickly and forced the crew back in and closing the in for about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, the Racing Ultras walked by trowing stones demolishing some car windows.

Nothing further happened...3 visiting fans were arrested, 2 policemen were heavily wounded and some minor woundeds.

Note: few days later, the Genk manager was called to order by the local police chief. It was clear that the manager of KRC Genk, P. Heylen, acted in an illegal way as the police did not gave their permission to send in the security crew.