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Reports 1998


København - Brøndby

minor incident

August 31 st 1998

After the game, fighting broke out in a park nearby the FC København stadium. In total, about 150 lads from both sides were involved. But police, who were well informed, quickly steamed in and managed to restore order in no time. Almost nobody was arrested.

O.B. - Brøndby

serious incident

June 1 st 1998

This game offered the Brøndby boys another championship title. And so lots of BIF fans travelled down to Odense, including a large firm of hooligans.

Already before the game, troubles errupted when Brøndby fans totally wrecked 2 local stores. Vandalism and fighting kept on going, even during the game. Some 12 visiting hooligans were arrested.

See the pictures here.

København - Brøndby

minor incident

Cupfinal 1998

The Brøndby lads had managed to gather a big firm for this year's Cup Final. A group counting over 200 boys, one of the most impressive mobs ever to be seen in the Danish hooligan-scene, were up for action. Mainly because of the Brøndby lads being present, the guys from Copenhagen (who didn't managed to mob-up in such high numbers) weren't up for it, so not much happened.

The only action this day occured when a rather small group of Brøndby lads attacked and demolished a pub full of Copenhagen lads. Only a few arrests were made.

Herfølge - Brøndby

minor incident


Incidents occured after the game, when the local police charged the SSU with battons and dogs. The result of this action was a serious attack towards the cops, in which rocks and bottles flown all over. About 10 Brøndby lads were arrested following to this incident.

Brøndby - København

small incident

March 20 th 1998

As the Copenhagen Ultras didn't showed up for a "meeting" at this game, no serious incidents occured. Instead, some lads of South Side United managed to spot some Copenhagen stewards after the game, and attacked them. 5 persons were arrested.