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Reports 1986-1987


Antwerp - FC Bruges

serious incident

September 4th 1986

About 50 members of the East-Side were escorted by the Antwerp police from the Central Trainstation to the FC Antwerp stadium. When leaving the trainstation, the East-Siders started singing: "wij gaan Joden jagen" or "we're going Jew hunting" (Antwerp is known as a city with a rather large population of Jews). During the game some X-Siders from Antwerp started provocating and saw themselves arrested. Another parth of the Antwerp hard core already left before the end of the game in order to follow the Bruges' police escort. During the scurmishes which occured, a hooligan of Bruges was stabbed with a knife. The victim was transmitted to the Stuyvenberg-hospital, where he had to be operated. After this event the mob of Bruges fans left the scene, but still 2 more got arrested, respectively for punching a cop and another one for trowing sticks in the direction of the Antwerp supporters.

FC Bruges - Anderlecht

minor incident

September 27th 1986

The East-Siders were awaithing the O-Side at the local railway station, but were spotted by the local police and later on arrested when running on the tracks. During the game, there were some small fights between the both sides and the police had to come between. After the game, the Bruges fans tried to attack the O-Side who were escorted by the police. But again a fast police intervention could prevent any clashes to errupt. The large numbers of arrest (14 Anderlecht fans and 36 Bruges fans) was dued to very strictly police interventions.

Beveren - FC Bruges

individual incident

October 4th 1986

During the game all remained calm. At the home stand there were some flags spotted with celtic crosses printed on them, and one with the text "Bruges are a bunch of Jews". In the train back to Bruges, a serious fight broke out, resulting in 2 injured persons. The local police of Lokeren had to come between but arrested only a few.

Kortrijk - FC Bruges

minor incident

November 9th 1986

During the whole game the East-Side lads were very nervous, sometimes charging in the direction of the police forces. Certain cops spotted various Bruges fans who were then arrested in a brutal way. After the game, about 150 members of the East-Side tried to enter the local city theatre where, at that moment, an opera was playing. There was some small damage at the entrance hall and the loud screaming of the fans disrupted the opera.

Charleroi - FC Bruges

minor incident

November 22th 1986

As well as in the first half as in the second one, there were some troubles at the stand behind one of the goals. A small group of Charleroi fans who were standing just above the visiting stand, were provocating the Bruges lads by singing "et les Flamands, c'est du caca…" which means "The Flemish are shit". The hard core of the Bruges fans steamed in their direction but didn't manage to get past the police. In the meanwhile both sets of supporters were still provocating each other. Beside that, the fans from FC Bruges were frustrated by the bad result of the game and the happiness of the home crowd. At the end of the game, the goalie of Charleroi came towards the visiting fans, laughing at them with his fists raised. Some Bruges supporters reacted by jumping on the fences and tried to damage them. Remarcable is the passive reaction of the local police forces who didn't do anything. Problems also errupted when the Bruges mob left the stadium area and started to vandalise traffic signs, but again the police forces let them.

Beerschot - FC Bruges

minor incident

November 29th 1986

During the game the Bruges fans reacted aggressive after Beerschot scored 2 goals. Bombs were trown on the pitch and a small group of East-Siders were provocating in a way that the police had to make an intervention. After the game, the police were attacked with stones and missiles. The police, who tried to keep the both group away from each other, couldn't prevent the visiting fans from trowing stones. One drunken Bruges supporter charged towards the police in a very loud way, and when he was hit by a police officer with a batton, he ran away. Later on, that same fan tried to charge in again but he was stopped by some of his friends. Afterwards, when the police was gone, a group of East-Siders managed to spot some groups of Beerschot fans. A fast intervention by the police prevented any fights to break out.

Lokeren - FC Bruges

small incident

December 14th 1986

After the thirth and winning goal of FC Bruges, the East-Siders all jumped on the fences with the resulting in one breaking down. The police came in with their battons, arresting one fan. When the Bruges group left the stadium a small fight errupted between a police officer and a young fan. Later on, eye witnesses claimed the police's interventions were very brutal on the more euphoric than aggressive Bruges fans, and a report was made.

FC Bruges - Antwerp

small incident

February 1st 1987

During the game itself no incidents were reported, although about 5 Antwerp fans were arrested in the stadium for disrupted behaviour while in drunken condition. After the game, it came to some small fight between Bruges fans and the X-Side from Antwerp. In the cafeteria some teargas bombs exploded making a police intervention necessary. After the game, the Bruges mob tried to attack the escorted X-Side, but again a fast action of the police could prevent clashes. Afterwards, some 5 East-Siders together with 4 Hell-Siders provocated the X-Siders at the trainstation. All 9 of them were arrested.

Mechelen - FC Bruges

serious incident

February 7th 1987

Before the game, a fan from FC Bruges was already arrested for having teargas with him. From the minute the game started the atmosphere on the terraces where the Bruges fans were posted, got very hectic. Lots of bombs where trown on the pitch and when KV Mechelen scored, difficulties started to begin. The police entered the visitors' stand and arrested some people in a hard way. The arrested fans where taken away and when they arrived behind the fences they received some serious punches. This led to a serious reaction from the East-Side who where now charging the police officers who where standing in front of the evacuation gates. The police then steamed into the Bruges' block and started trowing punches on various persons, and again people got arrested and again this happened in a hard way. Incidents later occured when the visitors where led away: people started pushing, spitting, pulling on the fences, etc. When the Bruges group were outside the stadium area, they provocated a group of Mechelen fans who got support of a bunch of Ajax supporters. The Dutch came out and fighting broke out. Fighting was also reported when a fan of FC Bruges pulled a Mechelen scarf out of a passing car. The persons involved found themselves arrested, just like some others who where vandalizing parked cars.

Anderlecht - FC Bruges

serious incident

March 7th 1987

Some 80 Bruges fans found themselves arrested before the game, after they were trowing stones and bricks, first at local immigrants and later towards the riot police. They were surrounded by the police and arrested. They were locked up and got free after midnight. During the game some bombs where trown from the Anderlecht stand and metal marbles where trown towards the police. The Bruges lads then also started trowing bombs and an iron bar was also trown towards the local police.The policemen reacted by using a teargas bomb which led to panic. After the game de Bruges group were hold in their section of the ground for some time, and where escorted to the South Trainstation after a while. There the police had to keep a group of about 100 O-Siders away from the East-Side, and when the Anderlecht hools noticed an attack on their foes wasn't possible some cars where wrecked. The policed managed to force the group back but where then attacked with bottles and stones. After some new charges the O-Side was driven back and everything got calm again.

before the game a small group of about 10 fans of FC Den Haag, who came visiting their friends from FC Bruges, were arrested because they were in possession of fireworks and drugs. Finally, some 25 other Den Haag hooligans, managed to get into the stadium.

R.W.D.M. - FC Bruges

serious incident

April 18th 1987

Already before kick-off time, some East-Siders where arrested for being drunk in public. During the game, things got hectic after R.W.D. Molenbeek scored. Some little fights broke out and police had to steam into the block with Bruges supporters. After the game some R.W.D.M. supporters were attacked by some 4 Bruges fans, who were punching their enemies heavily in the face, resulting one R.W.D.M. fan to lose some teeth.

Standard - FC Bruges

minor incident

May 10th 1987

Some incidents took place between the Guillemins trainstation and the Standard stadium. The police had to escort the East-Side who were about 80 lads including some Den Haag friends. After the game, a group of about 100 Bruges fans where led to the trainstation by some 20 police officers and 2 sections of riot police. But although this measure they couldn't prevent that some shopwindows were smashed in. At the end of the day 20 found themselves arrested, including 3 minors and 3 visiting FC Den Haag supporters.

members of the Standard Hell-Side welcomed their friends from FC Den Bosch by hanging some flags, but police forces claim no Den Bosch groups where spotted. The East-Side managed to mislead the info-services of the local police by arriving with the train one earlier than planned.

FC Bruges - Mechelen

minor incident

May 30th 1987

During the game, the East-Side charged some times in the direction of the police. An act which led to the police steaming in their stand and arresting some of the lads. Later on in the game the KV Mechelen goalie was hit by some object which was trown from one of the Bruges stands, and a report was made. After the game the East-Side was searching for a confrontation with the visiting fans, but a very strict police escort of this group prevented any contacts. A long time after the game, there some isolated fights were reported, fights in which one guy from Mechelen found himself heavily wouded.

one person got wounded after he climbed on the fences and then fell behind. His wedding ring then got stuck after the top of the fences and lost his left index finger.