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Reports 1995-1996


FC Bruges - FC Antwerp

minor incident

September 20th 1995

Already before the game, some small fight occured at a stadium entrance. During the game, all remained calm untill FC Bruges scored their second goal.Some X-Siders entered the pitch, quickly followed by their "collegues" from Bruges. This led to fights, fight in which even the captain of FC Bruges, Franky Van der Elst, was involved (he kicked an Antwerp hooligan). Riot police then steamed in, restoring the order. After the game, everything stayed relatively calm.

SK Lommel - FC Bruges

serious incident

September 23th 1995

Rioting broke out after the home team scored a late equilizer, resulting in some forced fences. And because of the police presance after this, things really escalated. After the game, an hot-dog stand was totally ruined and the police found themselves attacked with wrecked pieces of wood from the stand. After these events, a group of Bruges fans went in the city centre, where more fights occured. The 2 incidents broke out, when the group with Bruges followers got past some pubs with local youths. Some people were attacked and windows were smached. 13 visiting lads were arrested.

Standard - FC Bruges

serious incident

October 13th 1995

Bruges fans started demolishing fences when a player of FC Bruges was send out, in the second half. Police had to enter the pitch and posted theirselves in front of the visitor's stand, in order to let the game go on. After the game, a group of about 200 East-Siders got into fights with the Hell-Side from Standard, fights in which riot police was alo involved. Meanwhile, police forces had all the trouble in the world to escort the other part of the visiting support to their coaches. When they almost finished this, the police were attacked with stones and bottles. First they were forced back, but then they managed to charge the group, managing to restore order.

FC Bruges - Charleroi

minor incident

November 24th 1995

Some minutes before the final whistle, some frustrated home fans tried to attack the bench with the visiting team. Stewards got to come between to calm down the fans. After the game, the Charleroi group had to be escorted to their busses, because they were surrounded with angry Bruges supporters. All by all, everything stayed relatively calm.

FC Bruges - Anderlecht

minor incident

February 11th 1996

Trouble began after the game, when Anderlecht followers didn't follow the instructions of the local police. They started attacking passing Bruges fans and the police-on-horses had to charge them. In total about 400 police officers were present for this game with an extreme high risk-factor. Only a dozain fans were arrested, with serious fights staying out..

Antwerp - FC Bruges

serious incident

March 3th 1996

Already weeks in advance the papers were full of this confrontation, a game which almost every year leads to fight between both sets of supporters. This year, the local mayor mobilised about 400 policemen including a new "weapon" in the fight against belgian football hooliganism...the mobile camera (on top of a police van). Before the game, some 50 Dutch hoolie-tourists from Eindhoven and Utrecht were spotted by the local police and were preventively arrested. After the game, skirmishes occured in the area around the stadium. Cars of visiting fans were totally wrecked and one handicaped Bruges fan was attacked in a cowardous way. An attack in which home lads molested the handicapt and pulled of his protese leg.

FC Bruges - Standard

minor incident

March 31st 1996

At the pub area around the FC Bruges stadium, fights broke out between supporters of FC Bruges and Standard de Liège. In these fights 2 persons and 1 police officer got wounded, and were taken to the hospital. Despite of some small clashes before and after the game, all remaind relatively calm, with only 6 arrested.

AA Gent - Anderlecht

serious incident

April 6th 1996

A group of Bruges hooligans got down to Ghent, because of the fact that FC Bruges could win the title, if Anderlecht wasn't capable of taking 3 points. During the game all remained calm, with only some vocal challenges between the Bruges and Anderlecht hard core.After the game, fights occured between lads of Ghent and Bruges on one side, and Anderlecht boys on the other. Some hools had to be taken to the hospital with serious woundings.

Pictures soon available

R.W.D.M. - FC Bruges

serious incident

April 19th 1996

Incidents already broke in the afternoon, hours in advance of the game. A group of hooligans from Bruges fought battles with the O-Side in Anderlecht, riots in which some lads were arrested. In the evening, just before kick-off, troubles occured, again between both sides, resulting in 20 more arrests. A few minutes before the final-whistle, police forces tried to control the visiting fans with teargas, but were attacked with stones. After the game, the Bruges hooligans tried to charge Molenbeek fans and O-Siders, but the riot police managed to prevent clashes to errupt. At the end of the day, about 70 lads were arrested and 1 police van was totally wrecked.

St Truiden - FC Bruges

small incident

May 17th 1996

After the game, with a qualification for the Belgian Cupfinal, loads of Bruges fans jumped onto the fences. A few of these fences were broke down, so police had to enter the pitch. Some visiting fans jumped on the pitch, but were immediately arrested.

Pictures soon available

C. Bruges - FC Antwerp

small incident

May 19th 1996

Before the game Cercle Bruges vs Antwerp (the other half final for the Belgian Cup), police preventively arrested about 30 fans of Bruges. Police forces were afraid of a confrontation between the hooligans from Antwerp and the lads of FC Bruges. A confrontation which did occured after the game and in which a pub was damaged.