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Reports 1997-1998


FC Bruges - AFC Ajax

minor incident

August 2nd 1997

In the build-up to this game, lots of speculations had rissen, especially in the media. Total chaos was expected during the first week-end of August, when also AA Gent was scheduled to play Feyenoord After the battle of Beverwijk in march (in which one Ajax lad died), local authorities were a little bit afraid of serieus trouble to errupt.

In Bruges fights broke out between Bruges hooligans and F-Siders from Amsterdam, when Dutch fans were spotted in a pub next to the one off the Bruges lads.

The expected Bruges-Ajax-Feyenoord battle never took place.

FC Bruges - Anderlecht

small incident

November 11th 1997

Almost everything staid calm during this game, although it was one with a high-risk factor. After the game, the situation seemed to get out of hand, when a large group of Bruges casuals moved towards the visitor's gates. Riot police had to come between and managed to keep both groups seperated.

FC Antwerp - FC Bruges

small incident

December 17th 1997

Previously, this game was postponed (it was scheduled for mid-September) because of the Antwerp stadium not being safe enough, and also because this is one of the most violent fixtures in Belgian football.

Some small riots (in which both sets of supporters were involved) occured after the game. Just after the final whistle, a wall was demolished and stones were trown towards the police. 3 police officers were wounded and were brought to the hospital.

Note: the management of FC Antwerp, was later accused by the local authorities for selling tickets at the matchday. Something which was an illegal act, since tickets for games with a risk factor are only available in advance.

Standard - FC Bruges

small incident

October 17th 1997

Small riots occured during and after the game. The Liège police had to use teargas to calm down the home crowd, whom already damaged some fences. Police also had to enter the visitors section of the ground, after some seats were pulled off. After the game, mounted police had to charge a few times in order to escorte the Bruges group to their cars & coaches.

FC Bruges - FC Antwerp

serious incident

February 15th 1998

As usually this would be a violent game, but this year it was an extremly "figthy" fixture. Hundreds fought for about 10 to 15 minutes, in a battle which was planned weeks in advance. Both groups met up in a small forest nearby the FC Bruges stadium and pub area, and whole hell broke out. Only about 10 policemen where present at the moment and where not capable to make any intervention. About 20 lads got arrested for these events.

During the game, a small fight broke out in "Vak 17", the stand of most of the Bruges casuals. One copper's nose was broken, 3 were arrested.

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FC Bruges - Standard

minor incident

February 18th 1998

Everything staid calm during this Coca Cola Cup quarter-final tie. About an hour after the game, fighting broke out when 2 bus loads with fans (1 transporting Bruges fans and 1 transporting Standard fans) stopped at the same gas station. A group of Standard boys attacked fans of FC Bruges (non-hools, scarfers) and one 50 year old had to be taken to hospital while uncounscious.

Anderlecht - FC Bruges

serious incident

April 26th 1998

This game offered FC Bruges a new title. Before the game, a large mob consisting of Bruges hooligans joined by some regular fans, fought running battles with the Brussels riot police. At the visitor's entrance, the group first started trowing beer cans towards the police. Later on, coppers where also attacked with fences and traffic signs. Punches were thrown and police had to use their water canon.

During the game, the Anderlecht mob, the M4 Casuals (now K4 Casuals), all jumped on the fences with one or two invading the pitch. The game was stopped about 10 minutes, when police entered the scene.

FC Bruges - KRC Genk

serious incident

May 16 1998

The Belgian Cup final, saw the Bruges mob getting in action on more time this season. Trouble broke when a large group of Bruges hooligans arrived at a pub near the main gate of the "Koning Boudewijn Stadium" (ex-Heysel). All of the lads charged towards the "Genk Ultras" who were standing at another pub, about 200 metres further. But the cordon of mounted police couldn't be broken, and so the police found themselves attacked with bottles, beer cans, plastic chairs,...

During the game, FC Bruges came down 3-0 already in the first 20 minutes.Some 20 lads climbed over the fences and ran into a neutral zone (where no fans were seated) and headed towards the Genk stands, which was one block further. There some punches were thrown, and it was noticable that police forces didn't came between the first minutes. And when they did enter the stands, the whole Bruges group left the terrace and steamed outside. Again, stewards and police forces where attacked, but the group of Bruges hools couldn't manage to get to the Genk sector.

See the pictures here.