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The Yellow Dragons are a relative new groups which was founded in 1996 by 8 persons who didn't liked the mentality of the members from Brøndby Support (which is the official Brøndby fanclub). The intention was to create a better and more euphoric athmospere like the Eastern-European and Italian/Spanish ultra-scene. An important point in the group's ideology was to gather the hardcore, and sometimes violent, mentality from the Eastern-European groups with the euphoric and wild Italian/Spanish style. These styles which are almost the same should finally be mixed with the great English singing style. And when these different elements are gathered you find the perfect description of the spirit and ideology of The Yellow Dragons.


The group is described to be an ultras-group, but often they join the other Brøndby firms in the battles, so you can find lots of the members on the frontline when fighting breaks out. On the other hand no one is a psychopath so weaponry are not to be used. A code whihc has been broken a few times when other groups where attacked with bottles. Another rule is that innocent people are never to be attacked even if they were the wrong colours.

Social Life

Nobody in the group is jobless. Actually, everybody has either a well-respected job or they are still studying at college or even university. This again illustrates the fact that no one comes from the lower class or from a bad environment with unemployment or a bad youth etc. It's worth mentioning since lots of outsiders still believe soccer hooligans are just brutal guys without any level of education with a worthless daily life, which off course is totally wrong!


Due to the devolpment of the group, some merchandise occured. First off all there were produced two different sweat-shirts and two kinds of t-shirts. Also The Yellow Dragons were the first group ever in Denmark to get their own scarf. Something which found following by White Pride Aarhus and the collegues from South Side United. The latest group gadget is a 10 meter long black banner with the group name painted on it in yellow.


The group don't have any friends in Denmark and the group will never get some, that's for sure! In Europe then, some minor friendship had occured the latest years. The strongest one was with the French group Snipers Nancy, a friendship which nowadays doesn't exists anymore since there are no more contacts between both sides of fans. Futhermore lots of Brøndby hools visit AIK Stockholm games in Sweden to give their friends from the Black-Army a hand. Although the creation of this website, the Bruges/Brøndby coalition isn't build on a official friendship, it's was born after correspondation between lads from both teams.


The group organized several tifo's especially by making use of bengal firetorches. The best example is the game in Veyle of last spring. The group caused the game to be terminated after lots of torches were trown of the pitch leaving the game unfinished. Most of these kinds of events are organised together with the other Brøndby ultra/hooligan groups.